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The Aspire project in Norfolk consists of one residential-style building with a total of 85 apartments. The development is set on 2.21 acres of land in the Tidewater Gardens District of downtown Norfolk
Virginia Beach, VA
2.21 Acres
Virginia Beach, VA
2.21 Acres
Hooker Dejong, Inc.
Projected Start Date
January 1, 2023
Projected Completion
March 2024
Number Of Units
85 Units
Third Party
Richman Aspire Apartments LP
$18.2 Million
Under Construction
The Breeden Company
  • Scope: The project encompasses a total area of 2.21 acres and includes the provision of 67 parking spaces.
  • Structure: The main structure is a four-story wood-framed structure, on a slab on grade. The building will house 85 apartment units.
  • Amenities: The project offers various amenities for residents, such as a club room, art studio, computer room, and workroom. These amenities are designed to enhance the living experience and provide additional recreational and functional spaces.
  • Façade: The exterior of the building features a combination of brick veneer and cementitious fiber siding. Some apartments are equipped with balconies, which are adorned with aluminum railings, providing residents with outdoor spaces.
  • Location: The project is situated in the Tidewater Gardens District, which is a part of downtown Norfolk. The specific location offers convenient access to the urban amenities and services available in the surrounding area.

Overall, this project offers a well-designed residential complex with ample parking, modern amenities, attractive exterior finishes, and a desirable location in downtown Norfolk.

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