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The Breeden Construction Standard
Shared intrinsic values such as integrity, honesty and the organization's signature standard of quality reflect the founding principles that have helped anchor us as one of the best general contractors in the nation.


"I think this organization has assembled some of the most incredible talent I have ever seen. Fortunately, we've got that group of people who are all very dedicated and very sincere in their work."
- Ramon W. Breeden, Jr. 
Founder and CEO - The Breeden Company, Inc.
We are an equal opportunity employment company, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including race, creed, color, age, sex, religion, national origin or any other protected class. It is our policy to not discriminate against disabled employees. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate disabled individuals as necessary, to assist them in applying for a job, or performing the essential functions of a job. A disabled employee who must be accommodated to meet job requirements must give written notice to his or her manager within a reasonable amount of time after the date the accommodation became necessary.
We believe life is more than just working and a paycheck; we believe in a balanced life. While work is important, we understand life outside of work is just as important, too. That's why The Breeden Company offers great perks!


Our beliefs are at the center of our business and a part of everything we do as a national development company. 
By promising every day to uphold our Breeden Beliefs, we continue to build a company and communities that we are all proud of.

Mission: Help others. Live better.

Holding ourselves accountable creates a sense of pride for the quality of work we do. This champions the commitment of taking on responsibilities and knowing the value these responsibilities bring for the customers, the team, and the company.
To operate like a well-oiled machine, we must emphasize effective collaboration amongst our teams to strive together towards our goals and milestones. Teamwork done right creates continuity among each other and diffuses confusion while creating problem-solving environments.
Passion WIth Purpose
This is why we do what we do and why we do it well. Passion is why we go above and beyond in even the smallest ways to show our customers that they matter. Our passion is where the Breeden standard of excellence stems from.
How we carry ourselves matters because people will always judge at our conduct. Professionalism sets us apart especially with how we handle the problems that arise because we not only represent ourselves, but also the team we are on and the company we work for.
Having integrity allows each person to take ownership of being transparent and trustworthy. Integrity conveys trust and honesty; honest business is the best business.
Fun is essential in our demanding industry. We believe fun brings out the best in us and fosters creativity, productivity, communication, comradery, and positive engagement amongst our teams


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